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Transmetazone was launched on January 18, 2000 by the PCstats Network. Transmeta Corp. launched their line of innovative mobile processors, called Crusoe, the very next day.

Transmetazone has been built to be the independent resource for the latest news and information concerning Transmeta Corp, and their processors. Transmetazone is dedicated to providing news, articles, reviews and information about the Crusoe family of processors, and other Transmeta-centric products.

The goal of TransmetaZone is to provide its users with a comprehensive source of information. Users can read and learn about Transmeta's products while interacting with other users, and even the site itself. As Crusoe is poised to take a dominant role in the mobile processing market, Transmetazone begins its fight to help Transmeta Corp gain acceptance, as well as provide an array of resources for Lap top and Mobile Internet users.

Transmetasone.com is a premier site on the PCstats Network.

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